Burned Mill - also called Moučkův mill - is located in the natural park of the White Stream Valley near the Velka Bites. Our family, family of millers has been residing here since 1882. We have been rebuilding mill and have been caring about land since 2004 and we have not finished yet.

Except these, we have dedicated ourselves to breeding and training of miniature dachshunds.
In 2004 we bought our first miniature dachshund called Andy Rosmery (Aischa) to accompany our German shorthaired pointer. Because we have been training dogs especially for hunting and we lost Aisha on a hunt, we bought another miniature dachshund called Aby. Unfortunately, he didn´t return from a hunt when he was 2 years old. When we had been looking for a next dog, we have found out, that it is very difficult to find a suitable puppy for a work and still having a good looks. We already had some experience with training and also we had good hunting results and excelled in examinations. So we decided to open a breeding station. Our goal is breeding dachshunds with perfect look, which are also suitable for hunting. 

Founders of our breeding are dog -Too Big To Fail Vitoraz (Bob) and female Frída z Kudrnovy.

We have two stud males now. They are perfect hunters with a lovely exterior and character.


We don't have any puppies awailable now. But we are planning new litter at Summer 2021. More informations HERE.

 Mating with our breeding dogs is possible - more about them HERE.


Spálený mlýn

Radoškov 19, Přibyslavice 664 83, Czech Republic

The seccond home :) :

Vrchlického 1392, Hranice 753 01

+420 776 336 669 
Ing. Alena Moučková